Excel VBA Expert Package : Everything You Need to Become a Excel VBA Finance Expert

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  • Lectures 22
  • Quizzes 14
  • Skill level All level
  • Language English
  • Students 2135
  • Certificate Yes

This course will provide you with essentials about Visual Basic Applications (VBA) Excel for Finance. VBA is the programming language of Excel and is a fast programming language. When correctly mastered, it can automate almost every task that is required in Banking and Investment Banking.By taking this class, you will see that getting a job in investment banking is not just a matter of luck, but of technique and forward thinking.

This course is best suited for university students who are studying business, finance, accounting, economics or any other finance related programmes.

This course is also for anyone who is interested in knowing more about the Banking and Finance world, and to know about necessary skills to acquire in order to get into these sectors.

No prior technical knowledge is required.

The course covers:

The fundamentals of VBA

  • Functions, Sub, Variables, Loops, Conditions.

The real life applications that are used in Banks today

  • Build pricers for options and bonds
  • Create Userforms and top-notch charts
  • Link your VBA application to a database
  • Understand the concept of Object Oriented Programming

Who should take this course?

You should take this course if:

  • You are a finance student. You are really struggling to find a well paying and challenging position in the Banking industry. You would like to start your career with a great asset on your resume and you are motivated to reach that goal.
  • You are a banker facing issues with repetitive tasks you must run on a daily basis and you want to learn how you could automate all of those tasks in a single process.
  • You are already a banking employee, but you are working in a department that does not fit your ambitions, and you would like to join a more challenging department such as front-office, and work in the exciting environment of the trading room. In order to do that you need to prove that you can bring value to the team.

With this course, you’ll get everything you need to be able to quickly design performant VBA applications.

What do need to know before starting this course ?

You have should have Excel installed on your computer.

At the end of this course, students will be able to

  • Develop the most useful macros in Banking
  • Master techniques used by top banking professionals
  • Outpace your peers by maximizing your productivity and time
  • Debug VBA code
  • Automate graphs generation
  • Understand how to do object oriented programming
  • Link your data on Excel to a database
  • Fundamentals

    • Lecture 1.1Expert Package – Introduction : First Step in Excel VBA Locked
    • Lecture 1.2Expert Package – Introduction : Function and Sub Locked
    • Lecture 1.3Expert Package – Introduction : How to Use Variables Locked
    • Lecture 1.4Expert Package – Introduction : The Loops Locked
  • Build a Complete Bond Pricer in VBA

    • Lecture 2.1Expert Package – Bond Pricing : Intro to Bonds Instrument Locked
    • Quiz 2.1Expert Package – Bond Pricing : Quizz I Locked 3 questions
    • Lecture 2.2Expert Package – Bond Pricing : The Userform on VBA Locked
    • Quiz 2.2Expert Package – Bond Pricing : Quizz II Locked 3 questions
    • Lecture 2.3Expert Package – Bond Pricing : Data Storage Management Locked
    • Quiz 2.3Expert Package – Bond Pricing : Quizz III Locked 3 questions
    • Lecture 2.4Expert Package – Bond Pricing : Instantiation of an object Locked
    • Quiz 2.4Expert Package – Bond Pricing : Quizz IV Locked 3 questions
    • Lecture 2.5Expert Package – Bond Pricing : Formula Implementation Locked
    • Quiz 2.5Expert Package – Bond Pricing : Quizz V Locked 3 questions
    • Lecture 2.6Expert Package – Bond Pricing : The Userform in Excel Locked
    • Quiz 2.6Expert Package – Bond Pricing : Quizz VI Locked 3 questions
  • Make Your Data Persistent : Link Your Excel Application to a SQL Database

    • Lecture 3.1Expert Package – VBA to SQL Server : Database and SQL Tools Locked
    • Lecture 3.2Expert Package – VBA to SQL Server : Setting up the database Locked
    • Lecture 3.3Expert Package – VBA to SQL Server : Building the Excel Application Locked
    • Quiz 3.1Expert Package – VBA to SQL Server : Quizz II Locked 0 questions
    • Lecture 3.4Expert Package – VBA to SQL Server : Application Design Locked
    • Lecture 3.5Expert Package – VBA to SQL Server : Function Connection Locked
  • Manipulate Large Quantities of Financial Data in Excel VBA

    • Lecture 4.1Expert Package – Data Processing : Prepare Your Data Locked
    • Quiz 4.1Expert Package – Data Processing : Quizz I Locked 3 questions
    • Lecture 4.2Expert Package – Data Processing : Import Your Data With VBA Locked
    • Quiz 4.2Expert Package – Data Processing : Quizz II Locked 3 questions
    • Lecture 4.3Expert Package – Data Processing : Generate Graphs With VBA Locked
    • Quiz 4.3Expert Package – Data Processing : Quizz III Locked 3 questions
  • Build an Option Pricer With VBA : The Black And Scholes Formula

    • Lecture 5.1Expert Package – Black & Scholes : The Black & Scholes Formula Locked
    • Quiz 5.1Expert Package – Black & Scholes : Quizz I Locked 3 questions
    • Lecture 5.2Expert Package – Black & Scholes : The Pricing Function Locked
    • Quiz 5.2Expert Package – Black & Scholes : Quizz II Locked 3 questions
    • Lecture 5.3Expert Package – Black & Scholes : D1 and D2 Locked
    • Quiz 5.3Expert Package – Black & Scholes : Quizz III Locked 3 questions
    • Lecture 5.4Expert Package – Black & Scholes : Greeks Locked
    • Quiz 5.4Expert Package – Black & Scholes : Quizz IV Locked 3 questions


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    Great Course

    Great Course

    This is a most informative class about programming!

    This is the most informative course about programming for banking . The teacher presents the programming concepts starting from the beginning. The trainer explains why it is important to learn when working in a bank. There are also important elements of computer program given like basic syntax, data types, variables, loops, characters. This course is a great reference for everyone who wants to learn programming for banking. It thoroughly explains the applications used in banks and teach how to implement each of those. Overall, it's fluid and easy to understand.

    Just What I need

    Good course

    Good for picking up general knowledge, 

    Entering finance and had no prior knowledge. The course was quite helpful.

    Beginner Friendly, Class to Absolutely Follow!

    Decent training. Best way I found to understand quickly was coding as the course go.

75% off!

This special promotion ends on 12/12/2019
30 days guaranteed money back

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