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Resume Editing Service
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Your resume is often the first opportunity to make a great impression on an employer. Besides, managers do not spend more than 20 seconds looking at your resume to see if you are a correct fit for the job, so investing time and money in your resume is not futile compare to what it can bring you : a first job in life, a decent salary, opportunities to get promoted, a higher bonus and so on.

If you feel that banks are keeping doors closed on you, it does not necessarily mean that your profile does not suit the position or the industry you target, but rather how your resume shows and features your experience.

This is exactly the kind of issue we want to resolve by offering the opportunity to review and edit your resume. Indeed, our ambition is to transform your resume into a master key that instantly catches bankers’ attention and wins you interviews and offers.


Method Analysis

Our analysis method is quite simple: we do not use any fancy robots or software that can spot and generates nonsense and unhelpful comments and advices.

Our approach is more traditionnal. In our team we have former Human Resources profesionnals that worked in Investment Banking, in different companies and across numerous locations.

With the knowledge they all have accumulated, they know exactly what the recruiter is after and how to leave baits on your resume that will attrack your future employer.

Along with our HR expertise, you resume will be edited based on your writing style, actions verbs, resume layout and the structural organization of your working experience.


What you will get in the Resume Editing :

   A complete editing of your resume : with your new resume you will attract the attention and interest of investment bankers, hedge fund and various financial institutions.

   Ability to achieve perfection : as the primary goal is to design a high quality resume, we will allow two round of editing after sending you the first version.

   A very responsive team of professionals : feel free to contact us with all of the questions you may have. We will our best to answer your questions and provide you with the best advice. This service can be used for 10 days after the package purchase.

Most of the feedback we received from people who purchased this service always point the fact that they notice a skyrocketing effect in terms of application rate, which led implicetely to a higher job offer rate.

You should take our service if :

   You are a student that want to get its first internship or position in a bank, and you are not aware of the best practices to be applied in order to make your resume appealing for investment banking.

   You are working in a field different than Investment Banking but your goal is to adopt a career change and make the jump into this sector.



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