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  • Lectures 49
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  • Duration 3 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
  • Students 770
  • Certificate Yes

Do You Want To Take Your Career To The Next Level ?

In just 30 years, the Investment Banking industry became relatively complex due the technological revolution but also because of the introduction of new concepts and financial products that aren’t always easy to understand for everyone.

Our dedicated approach and solid methodology will teach you easily the tools and skills of a good investment banker.

This course is also for anyone who wants to work in Investment Banking, and wants to learn about the skills required to get into this sector.

No prior technical knowledge is required.  

Just before I introduce you the curriculum of our course, I want to let you know that we have DIRECT EXAMPLES  for all of the concepts that we will be introducing, so you can practice directly as you go forward into the course.

The course covers:

Banking Organization : Understand how a bank really works, the main actors and how they interact with each others.

Introduction to the Financial Markets : Introducing the different markets where the assets classes are exchanged. We will cover Equities, Bonds, Commodities and Forex.

Interest Rates : Learn about the most common interest rates, from simple to periodic compound rates, those will not have any secrets for you!

Derivatives : Derivatives are enigmatic for most people, but they are not. You will learn about futures, forwards, Swaps, Credit Derivatives and so on.

Options : From Vanilla to Exotic options, you will master all the options types and understand how to draw their profit & loss graphs. You will also learn about the Greeks, which are fundamental risk indicators if you want to work with the options !

Volatity : Very important concepts in investment banking, you will learn about the volatity and the different methodology to estimate it, such as the implied, skew and smile volatility.

Bonds : Bonds are of the most traded products on the financial markets. You will learn how to price a bond and familiarize yourself with the concepts of convexity and sensitivity.

Banking Regulations : You will discover the main financial institutions, their role, and also learn about the new financial regulations that came out after the 2008 crisis.


Why should you take this course? Different possibilities :

– You are not working in banking but you want to step in this industry and make a jump in your career. All the required knowledge and understanding for this industry have been gathered in this Package.

You are a finance student. You are really struggling in finding a highly-valued and challenging position in Banking. You would like to start your career with a great asset on your resume and you are motivated to reach that goal.

– You are already a banking employee, but you are working in a department that does not fit your ambitions, and you would like to join a more challenging department such as front-office, and work in the exciting environment of the trading room. In order to do that you need to prove that you can bring value to the team.


  • Introduction

    • Lecture 1.1About US Locked
    • Lecture 1.2The VBA Network Locked
  • Bank Organization

    • Lecture 2.1Front Office Locked
    • Lecture 2.2Risk Locked
    • Lecture 2.3Compliance Locked
    • Lecture 2.4Middle Office Locked
    • Lecture 2.5Back Office Locked
  • Introduction To Financial Markets

    • Lecture 3.1Overview Locked
    • Lecture 3.2Some Concepts Locked
    • Lecture 3.3Equities Locked
    • Lecture 3.4Fixed Income Locked
    • Lecture 3.5Forex Locked
    • Lecture 3.6Commodities Locked
    • Lecture 3.7Introduction to Volatility Locked
  • Interest Rates

    • Lecture 4.1Type of rates Locked
    • Lecture 4.2Yield Curve Locked
    • Lecture 4.3Forward Rate Locked
  • Derivatives Introduction

    • Lecture 5.1Futures And Forwards Locked
    • Lecture 5.2Options Locked
    • Lecture 5.3Swaps Locked
    • Lecture 5.4Credit Derivatives Locked
  • Options

    • Lecture 6.1Put/Call parity Locked
    • Lecture 6.2Spread Strategy Locked
    • Lecture 6.3Protective Put and Covered Call Locked
    • Lecture 6.4Straddle Locked
    • Lecture 6.5Butterfly Locked
    • Lecture 6.6Collar Locked
  • Greeks

    • Lecture 7.1Delta Locked
    • Lecture 7.2Gamma Locked
    • Lecture 7.3Rho Locked
    • Lecture 7.4Theta Locked
    • Lecture 7.5Vega Locked
  • Options Pricing

    • Lecture 8.1Black & Scholes Locked
  • Volatility

    • Lecture 9.1Implied Volatility Locked
    • Lecture 9.2Skew and Smile Volatility Locked
  • Bonds

    • Lecture 10.1Introduction To Bonds Locked
    • Lecture 10.2Bond Pricing Locked
    • Lecture 10.3Duration & Sensitivity Locked
    • Lecture 10.4Convexity Locked
  • Exotic Options

    • Lecture 11.1Forward Start Options Locked
    • Lecture 11.2Barrier Options Locked
    • Lecture 11.3Binary Options Locked
    • Lecture 11.4LookBack Options Locked
    • Lecture 11.5Asian Options Locked
  • Interest Rates Derivatives

    • Lecture 12.1Bond Options, Cap & Floors Locked
  • Banking Regulations

    • Lecture 13.1Basel III Locked
    • Lecture 13.2Dodd Franck Locked
    • Lecture 13.3Regulations Authorities Locked
  • Conclusion

    • Lecture 14.1Conclusion Locked


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    Very useful course

    Very useful course, concepts are explained very clearly and easy to follow.

    Excellent Training

    Excellent Training. Great approach from introducing the financial markets to price specifics financial products. Definetely a must for those who have limited knowledge about this industry.

    The lecture was we

    The lecture was well taught and presented

    I have always been

    I have always been fascinated with the world of investment finance. And so far the course seems to be well structured, professionally presented and interesting.

    This is the Most s

    This is the Most structured and minutely covered course on Investment Banking I have found so far . The Presentation of each topit is so Nice that you memories thing with the lecture .

76% off!

This special promotion ends on 01/05/2017
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