Make Your Data Persistent : Link Your Excel Application to a SQL Database

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Make Your Data Persistent : Link Your Excel Application to a SQL Database
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  • Lectures 5
  • Quizzes 4
  • Skill level All level
  • Language English
  • Students 79
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This course will teach you how to link an Excel Application to a SQL Database. You will learn how to create a database, how to set it up and how to display the structure of the data in Excel.  This knowledge will help you understand how data needs to be collected in the financial industry context, and help you identify features you want to consider if you are involved in implementing new data collection efforts.  You will learn how to create your own functions on VBA to collect your data using the most useful queries. You will no more waste your time to get the data manually or through someone else in the company– you will be able to get the data by yourself!

By the end of this course, you will have a clear understanding of how to manipulate the functions that can extract, insert and delete your data in a SQL database.



  • Direct application to what you will be asked to implement when you work on front office positions.
  • Quizzes Included to help you track your progress and understanding of the class.
  • Learn step by step how to reproduce the class content into your own spreadsheet.
  • Useful tips and tricks to master VBA quickly.
  • Best suitable for beginners to advanced level users who learn faster when demonstrated.
  • Support 24/7 to answer your questions.


Link Your Excel Application to a SQL Database screen 1


Link Your Excel Application to a SQL Database screen 2

  • Database and SQL Tools

    • Lecture 1.1VBA to SQL Server : Part I Locked
  • Setting up the database

    • Lecture 2.1VBA to SQL Server : Part II Locked
    • Quiz 2.1VBA to SQL Server : Quizz I Locked 1 questions
  • Building the Excel Application

    • Lecture 3.1VBA to SQL Server : Part III Locked
    • Quiz 3.1VBA to SQL Server : Quizz II Locked 0 questions
  • Application Design

    • Lecture 4.1VBA to SQL Server : Part IV Locked
    • Quiz 4.1VBA to SQL Server : Quizz III Locked 0 questions
  • Function Connection

    • Lecture 5.1VBA to SQL Server : Part V Locked
    • Quiz 5.1VBA to SQL Server : Quizz IV Locked 0 questions


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