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No prior experience in finance or programming is required. We want to approach people with either technical background that want to work in the finance industry or Business school graduates that want to fill the technical gap needed for front office positions.
We built the courses separately so you can start with whatever class you feel comfortable with.
Yes. Our goal is to give you tools to help you navigate and successfully understand VBA applied to finance, even if you have never workerd in this industry or have limited experience.
The training they provide is great, however it is always generic and never applied to an industry in particular. Our goal to is teach you real situations that you will encounter when working on the trading floor.
Chances are high that you have never seen the content of our classes during you studies. Applying programming skills to the banking industry requires functional knowledge you are not likely to have been exposed in University.
Once you enroll and purchase the course, you will have access to all content immediately and then you can start the course at your own pace.

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