Boost Your Career in Banking and Become a VBA Finance Expert
Online VBA classes for Finance

Each year, over 100,000 candidates apply for investment banking jobs, but fewer than 1,000 eventually get in, which means your odds are less than 1%! Many of those positions now require to master at least one programming language. We have put in place a tailored Online Training Program that will give you a large array of finance-oriented technical knowledge, using the most common technology in banks : VBA for excel.

Make the difference in front of a recruiter


No previous knowledge required

Our course is suited for complete beginners or more advanced users.

Concrete in-depth learning

Our course is designed to focus on the specific skills that will make you valuable for most investment banking positions.

Designed by the same people that will recruit you

Our consultants work in the best banks. They know what the needs are.

Quick learning

Get a solid foundation in only a few hours of learning.

Learn by example

Our course contains recordings of an experienced developer explaining step by step how to build tools that are used in the banks. If you feel that some part of the course is unclear, you can also directly ask your teacher for more explanation. At, you have the full private teacher experience, from the comfort of your home.